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Apr. 23rd, 2009 | 01:28 pm
posted by: lore_85 in laceycandance

Lacey and Benji Schwimmer to star in a new Movie...

Lacey and Benji are going to make a Movie together..
it's called "Leading Ladies". Shooting will start May 15th.
there no information about the aire dates yet... but still: EXCITEMENT

The Camparis are a family of women in which everyone knows her place.  Sheri is the larger-than-life, overbearing matriarch.  Sheri’s youngest daughter, Tasi, is the darling of the local amateur ballroom circuit.  Sheri’s oldest daughter, Toni, is the wallflower who must quietly support them all.  When Tasi has an unplanned pregnancy and Toni unexpectedly finds a female partner to share both her life and the dance floor, they must all re-examine their roles and learn to "let love lead."

check out the OFFICAL WEBSITE of "Leading Ladies"

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