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I'm dancing in the room as if I was in the woods with you.

No need for anything but music. (from "Dancing" by Elisa)

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The first unofficial Lacey Schwimmer comm for the SYTYCD Season 3 contestant.
Welcome to the First Unofficial Lacey Schwimmer LJ Community!
This is a place for fans to post thoughts, media, icons, videos and just about anything else relating to the
So You Think You Can Dance season 3 contestant.

This is a pretty laid-back community, but we do have a few guidelines that we ask you to keep in mind:

* Please post all spoilers behind an LJ-Cut! Some fans, particularly those from outside the U.S., do not get to see the show until 24 hours after it airs.
* Use an LJ-Cut for big picture posts to avoid overloading f-lists.
* PLEASE avoid bashing other contestants. Saying you didn't like a performance is fine, but flaming isn't necessary. Inappropriate posts will be deleted.

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